Defining Community

What is community? When we say community at Second Baptist, what we mean is building deep friendships with one another. We challenge everyone to go beyond attending to connecting.

A Place to Connect

There are major points of connection at our church for children, youth, young adults, median adults, and senior adults.

People also connect outside their peer groups through opportunities such as retreats, book studies, and service opportunities. If you’re looking for a place where lasting friendships grow out of meaningful experiences, Second Baptist is that kind of place.

A Place for Everyone

One of the reasons why Second Baptist has so many different ways to get connected is because we are a very diverse church. On any given Sunday there might be a millionaire on the same pew with a homeless person. There might be a good ole boy who likes to hunt and fish on the same pew with a young lady who has a spike in her lip. There might be someone with a Ph.D. on the same pew with someone with a mental handicap.

One reason we're diverse is because of our location downtown. We’re only a few blocks from the bus station, and we have multiple members who live in government subsidized housing. Of course, we’re also just down the street from some of the most expensive residences in town with the new downtown high rises just blocks away, and we have members driving in from places like Chenal Valley.

Here's why diversity matters. At Second Baptist we work at loving each other, despite our differences, whatever they may be—social, economic, political, theological, etc. If you’re looking for a place where it is okay to be yourself, where it is safe to ask hard questions, where you will be challenged to love people who are different than you are, Second Baptist is that kind of place.