Median Adults

Median adults of Second Baptist church are at the center of everything that happens in our church. Median adults serve in a variety of different ministry opportunities, and they are involved in several different Sunday morning Bible study groups.

Median adults at Second Baptist are in various stages and places in life … married with children, married without children, divorced, never married, remarried, young professionals, Baby Boomers, Empty Nesters or new retirees. But one central aspect of this group of people is their love and acceptance of others regardless of who someone is or what has happened in their life.


All of these Bible study groups (Median Adult 1, 2 & 3) are intentional about spending time together outside the walls of the church, despite the busyness of their lives. Though each class or department shapes their gatherings to meet the needs of their particular group, every group is committed to finding ways to build deep friendships with one another.


Median adults are some of the most committed servants in our church. And they are constantly pushing our church outward into the community and into the world to make a difference. Median adult groups have been at the forefront of our church’s ministry efforts in Helena, in our church’s partnerships with the Salvation Army, and the Encouragers program. They have also conducted several projects completely on their own, such as financial sponsorship of the Family House at U.A.M.S. (a no/low cost residence for patients who do not live in Central Arkansas).

For more information on how to connect with one of our median adult groups, contact Betsy Young, our Minister of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation.