There is a dynamic community of young adults at 2BC.  Second Baptist has two overlapping ministries, both of which focus on young adults, supporting their spiritual needs and helping them foster community.

The Young Adult Department

At Second Baptist, our Bible study groups are the primary place for building community with each other. Each Sunday, we meet together to share food and conversation, exchange prayer requests, then have a time of Bible study.

The time this department spends together goes beyond Sunday morning. Despite the challenge of busy lives, the department also organizes gatherings at local restaurants, an annual retreat, various Sunday school class fellowships, and lots more informal gatherings of men, women, and couples.



In 2007, Second Baptist launched an exciting new ministry initiative for young adults called REstore. Acknowledging that young adults without kids have a different focus and schedule than their peers with children, REstore exists to help young adults, either single or married, who are out of college but haven’t started families to gather, converse, play, worship, and serve together. Get more information on REstore.