As a ministry of 2BC, REstore is designed for young adults in their 20’s and 30’s, who value diversity, inclusiveness, grace and authentic relationships. These are the values of our larger faith community, and we believe that they are not only important to us, but to our generation as well. REstore carries the hope of extending these values to the downtown community and all across our city.

REgroup: Midweek Gathering

Each Thursday evening, the group gathers for the purpose of being together, meeting new friends and deepening existing relationships. Sometimes this gathering will be at 2nd Place (adjacent to Second Baptist), other times it will be at a local restaurant, or someone’s home.

REfuel: Periodic Trips/Retreats

Every 3 months, an event will be offered that affords the group a concentrated amount of time to build connections with one another in deeper ways. This might take the form of a camping trip, retreat, the Hot Springs Film Festival in October or a mission excursion.

REthink: Affinity Groups

In 2008, REstore will launch a variety of interest-based small groups for the purpose of providing people with a safe environment where they can explore issues of spirituality and their own faith. These affinity groups may be centered on art and culture, a book study, a workgroup, social issues or some other affinity. Meeting locations and frequency of meetings will be determined based on the interest and leadership of each group.

REstore: The Web Page

If you’d like to know more about what’s happening in REstore on a weekly basis, click here.

If you’d like to ask some questions about REstore contact Chris Ellis or Betsy Young.