Defining Discipleship

What is discipleship? At Second Baptist, we see discipleship as a lifelong journey towards becoming like Jesus. Everyone's pathway is different but the destination is the same- Christlikeness.

Bible Study

One of the primary forms of discipleship at Second Baptist is Bible study. Each Sunday, we have six classes for preschool and elementary age children, three classes for teenagers, and thirteen classes for adults divided into young adult, median adult, senior adult, and come-all classes. Get more information on our Bible study options.

Small Groups

In addition to Bible study, we also have various small groups who come together for prayer, accountability, and spiritual formation. In recent months, Second Baptist has begun to utilize a small group resource called Companions in Christ. Designed as a twenty-eight week experience, participants are exposed to ancient practices that facilitate spiritual growth and a deepening connection with God and other people. We also occasionally use small group resources produced by Willow Creek and Renovaré.

Discipleship Academy

Another way we practice discipleship at Second Baptist Church is by offering classes, support groups, and book studies each Wednesday evening, which are designed to either challenge the mind, nurture the soul, or shape the heart. We call our slate of Wednesday night learning options Discipleship Academy. Recent options have included: life skills classes, such as parenting and marriage enrichment; book studies on topics such as postmodern theology and the church, global poverty, and prayer. View a list of current and upcoming options in Discipleship Academy.

If you have any questions about discipleship in our church, opportunities to plug in, etc., please contact Betsy Young our Minister of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation.