Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

Second Baptist’s Bible study groups meet throughout our building from 10:10-11:10am on Sunday mornings. Below, you’ll find a brief description of each group. If you have further questions or would like to connect with a Bible study group, please contact Betsy Young or call her at 374-9284 x27.

Senior Adult I70’s+Fellowship Hall (North)
This department, made up of wise saints, never tires of finding new and applicable truths in Scripture. They take great care of one another, enjoy Dutch treat lunches, fun days and even the occasional trip to Branson!
Senior Adult II60’s+Fellowship Hall (South)
This lively department is intentional about sharing life with one another, studying the Word together, and serving others through such acts as assembling care packages for Albert Pike residents. They assemble in the south end of Fellowship Hall for fellowship, singing & announcements. Following opening assembly, adults meet in one of 3 classes.
Median Adult I50’s+Room 314/315
This class utilizes a team approach to teaching, so you’ll enjoy hearing from a variety of voices over the course of a series of study. This group is actively engaged in caring for the needs of each other and for the needs of the community in a variety of ways, from ringing Salvation Army bells to making trips to Helena to distribute school supplies to children.
Median Adult II40’s+Room 322
This class, made up primarily of Boomers, enjoys multiple voices and teaching styles as they study the Word together. Some among this group have been sharing life since they were teenagers…and now they share in the struggles of raising teenagers!
Median Adult III30’s+4th Floor
This department enjoys both in-depth Bible study groups and discussion oriented series. The pursuit of authentic community is evident among this group, as they share the struggles and joys of life with one another. This group also places a high priority on mission, as they engage in and often lead out in opportunities such as DAME and Sharefest.
Young Adults20-30’s+3rd Floor
This department, made up of young singles and young married couples, engages in everything from discussion oriented Bible study to action oriented series. This group places a high priority on developing community through regular gatherings, mission events and occasional retreats or trips.
College Class18-243rd Floor
This class, made up of college students and young adults, studies the Bible in light of their current struggles, successes and life choices. This group is serious about sharing life together, praying for one another and encouraging each other as they aim to grow in Christlikeness.
McCollum ClassAny age welcome!Room 317
This “come all” class takes a unique approach to Bible study. Dialogue is the method, while life application and spiritual transformation are the goals. This group also strives to care for one another, enjoy times of fellowship together, and serve the community through mission excursions to the Albert Pike Hotel and to Helena, to name a few.
Albert Pike ClassAny age welcome!2nd Floor of Albert Pike
This class, made up primarily of Albert Pike residents, strives to live out the truths they learn each week from Scripture. They are intentional about praying for one another’s needs and loving one another through the difficult struggles in life.

Small Groups

Perhaps a Sunday morning Bible study group doesn’t work with your schedule or you’re simply looking for a different way to take your discipleship journey to the next level.

One way is to participate in a Companions in Christ group. You will meet in a home one evening a week for 28 weeks with 5-9 other individuals and/or couples. You will engage in spiritual practices together (such as praying the Scriptures), spend time on your own each week engaging in spiritual exercises, and debrief your experience with your companions the following week.

We also have other small groups that form and meet during our Discipleship Academy time on Wednesday evenings. View a list of current Academy options. For further information or to sign up for a small group, contact Betsy Young at Betsy Young or call her at 374-9284 x27.