Prayer Matters

At Second Baptist we believe that prayer should be at the heart of our community life. We’re still learning how to do that, but even as we’re learning, we’re blessed by the following opportunities to pray together.

Connection: A Dynamic Prayer Experience

Each Wednesday night at Second Baptist, from 5:45-6:30pm, we try to draw closer to the heart of God through one of three prayer rooms.

Written Prayers- Participants in this prayer room practice intercession through writing cards to those who are homebound, suffering an illness, grieving a loss, or celebrating the birth of a child or some other milestone.

Praying the Scriptures- Participants in this prayer room engage in a thoughtful, repeated reading of a passage of Scripture and listen for new and personal insights from God through His Word.

Prayer Shawl- Participants in this prayer room knit shawls for those who are homebound, struggling with illness or in need of comfort.

A Morning with God

Every few months, a Saturday morning is designated for a mini-prayer retreat at Lake Nixon. The 2BC Prayer Team offers direction to participants, who are invited to spend time in solitude and reflection with God. The group gathers together at the conclusion of the retreat for a time of debriefing what they heard and experienced during their time with God.

Typically, participants are invited to spend some time outdoors. Coffee, hot chocolate and water is provided, as well as a morning snack.

In Need of Prayer?...

Our prayer team is comprised of individuals who take the power of prayer and the gift of intercession seriously. We would love to join you in praying for a specific need in your life. You are invited to email us your prayer request. If you’d like to receive a card from the Written Prayers room, please send your mailing address to Betsy Young.