Below you’ll find a constantly changing list of upcoming opportunities to make a difference in the world around you. We invite you to take a look and see where you might like to dive in and change the world.

You don’t have to be a member of Second Baptist Church (or any church for that matter) to get involved. If you’d like to help the poor, feed the hungry, be a good neighbor by helping clean up Downtown Little Rock or whatever, we’d be happy for you to join us and maybe even show us something we didn’t know about making the world a better place.



Disaster Relief: Ongoing
Second Baptist partners with First United Methodist and Christ Episcopal to form a disaster response team. We need you to volunteer to be contacted when we’re mobilized. All skill sets are needed (listening to families, debris removal, transportation, etc.) If you have a desire to help, we'll find a place for you. To signup, please contact Chris Ellis at

Team Roustabout: Ongoing
A roustabout is defined by Webster's dictionary as a person having no permanent home, typically applied to itinerant circus workers who erected and dismantled the tents to be moved from town to town. Our Family Promise families who transition out of the program to permanent housing frequently need assistance with relocating their belongings. If you would join the team and receive the blessing of helping our guests accomplish this task, please  let us know! 
2BC Community Garden: Ongoing

Do you have a green thumb? Are you a gardening novice who wants to learn more? 2BC has planted a small community garden in an open space on our playground and we need folks to volunteer to help maintain it. Contact Chris Ellis at for more information. 
MLK Reads: During School Year
2BC partners MLK Elementary to ensure that students are reading on grade level by the third grade. If you can give one hour a week to help a student learn to read let Trevor Stephen at know.  

Family Promise Hosting: February 23 - March 1

Our next Family Promise rotation will quickly be upon us. We need folks who are willing to provide food, host and spend the night in 2nd Place. If you can do any of these things please contact Chris Ellis at
Marthon Sunday - March 2 
The LR marathon runs right by Second Bapstist. Because getting to church at 9am is virtually impossible because of the runners, we'll gather about 8am to handout water as they pass. If you'd like to help contact Chris Ellis at 
South Africa - April - 23 - May 4
If you're interested in traveling to South Africa to see the work of our partners and to work alongside them contact Chris Ellis at