Prayer Concerns


Dale Hornbeck, Gene & Maelin's son, cancer

Jean Goodwin, recovering from severe shin injury

Mallory Bynum, Joy Ort's granddaughter, three episodes of headache with loss of vision

Frances Fancher, skin ulcers on legs, having a vein procedure on 9/14


Ashleigh Holmes, James Thomason's great-niece, passed away recently


Jessie Hackler

Daryl Bailey

Paula Green

Betty Smith

Lewis Lamb

Eloise Thornley

Marilynn Keys

Ethelyne Williams

Jeri Streeter

Friends & Family

Adock, Jo, Johnny Poteet’s sister-in-law, cancer
Bushmiaer, Darrell, recovering from colon surgery
Clark, John, Preston Clegg's grandfather, heart issues
Grim, Maralee, Carole Carter's mother, health issues
Harris, Phil, Donna Faulkner's friend, Alzheimer's
Hawkins, Stacy, Brenda Mauldin's cousin, colon cancer
Homra, Stacy, Doris Cain's friend, brain tumor
Johnson, Dalton, Suzanne Cain's nephew, MD
Massey, Gayla, Leatrice Klutt's sister, cancer
Ramsey, June, Lori Bowen's mother, memory problems

Military & Uniformed 

Burk, Cody, Pulaski County Sheriff’s office
Deno, Jason, LRPD
Dial, John David, cadet at West Point
Timmons, Scott, LRPD