Charlie Fuller - Minister of Congregational Life/Administration  - Second Baptist Church, Little Rock

Charlie Fuller

Charlie is Minister of Congregational Life/Administration at 2BC. He came to 2BC in August, 2010 after completing the M.Div. degree at George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Before that he spent nearly 30 years as a high school teacher, college professor, and part-time music minister. (He was interim music minister at 2BC in 1996.) His greatest accomplishments are his adult daughters Becky and Sarah and his greatest earthly gratitude is being married to Cindy, now for thirty-two years. (Cindy is the organist at 2BC.) Ouachita grads will know Charlie as a former faculty member and Dean of the School of Fine Arts. Old North Little Rock Northeast High School grads will know him as the skinny guy in the yearbook (1975). Along the way he also went to school at Baylor, West Texas State, and Arizona State. He's also working toward the D.Min. degree at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond.

Charlie loves to read history, theology, and current events. Among his favorite authors are Frederick Buechner, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. You'll find him on Facebook and Twitter, but he tries not to be obsessed with them. He likes to follow sports, especially St. Louis Cardinals baseball. You can often find him at the symphony, the Rep, or at a Travs game. He ran marathons back in the 90's and hopes someday to get a little closer to being like that skinny guy in the yearbook.

Charlie's greatest passion is people. His greatest joy is watching people become connected with each other and seeing the way Christ's love flows between them in community.