What does it mean to be a “different kind” of Baptist church? As a general rule, we try not to define ourselves in opposition to other churches. Still, there are some things about Second Baptist that set our church apart.

There’s no glass ceiling for women at 2BC

A Different Kind of Baptist Church

At Second Baptist, we believe that God calls women into every form of ministry: teaching, service, preaching, and, yes, leadership. We have women deacons, and women serving on our pastoral staff. It’s been that way for a long time at Second Baptist; so much so that it’s just not an issue for us as a church. That sets us apart from some other Baptist churches, and we’re comfortable with that.

We like hard questions, and we’re comfortable saying “I don’t know”

Baptists have always been a group that holds the Bible in very high regard. We do too. At Second Baptist, though, we believe a reverence for scripture sometimes means being willing to admit that the Bible is a perplexing book. We’d be lying if we told you that we’ve got all the answers when it comes to God. That means that we leave a lot of room for disagreement and diversity of opinion in our church.

Our partnerships aren’t restricted to Baptist organizations

A Different Kind of Baptist Church

We’re proud of our Baptist heritage, but blessed by the opportunity to partner with a wide spectrum of Christian organizations. Some of our best partners are our fellow downtown churches: First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, and Christ Episcopal Church to name a few. We’re also partnering with a community development organization in South Africa that was started by a group of Anglicans.

We talk less about hell than Helena.

A Different Kind of Baptist Church

Somewhere along the way, Baptists got the reputation for being judgmental. Maybe some of that was earned. We’d like to try and change that perception, however. Don’t get us wrong; we believe that human beings make mistakes and need God’s grace, but we also believe that being followers of Jesus means being people who love others first and foremost. So if you ever come to Second Baptist, we think you’ll hear more about love and changing the world than about judgment. The heartbeat of our church is to help the poor in places like Helena, Arkansas (situated in the midst of two of the poorest counties in the United States), Johannesburg, South Africa (1 in 5 people are unemployed in South Africa), and especially right here in Little Rock. We believe God didn’t call us to forsake the world for the sake of heaven, but to work to make the world as heavenly as possible right here, right now.

Come see for yourself

We could go on, but the best way to see for yourself, is to come and experience what makes our church a “different kind” of Baptist church. We’re not flashy. We’re not interested in being a mega church, but we are interested in changing the world. Come see for yourself what that looks like.