Defining Worship

What is worship? At Second Baptist we believe that worship is our authentic and unceasing response to God's presence. Worship requires us to offer all we are as living sacrifices to God, revealed in Jesus Christ. At 10:30A.M., each Sunday morning, our congregation comes together to live these words out. In practical terms, here's what that means.

Beyond Worship Style

In a day where worship is what some people use to define a church, we are often asked if our worship service is traditional or contemporary. The answer is both. Maybe a better way to say it is this: at Second, we want worship to be both timeless and timely. We want worship to be deeper than the latest trend, but also relevant to the 21st Century.


Some things we do in worship have stood the test of time. We use ancient practices. We observe seasons and holy days of the Christian calendar such as Advent, Lent, and Pentecost. We sing songs with words that have long articulated the passion, wisdom, and longing of humanity's desire to know and be known by God.


On the other hand, we also want worship to be fresh and relevant. We use a lot of different instruments, and a wide variety of music. And while we do use timeless songs and practices, we try to reset them in fresh and creative ways that add energy and creativity. Furthermore, worship at our church is thematic, and is tied into what the scriptures have to say about topics such as relationships, money, sex, poverty, suffering, doubt, etc. If you join us on Sunday morning, you'll discover that our time of worship isn't flashy, but is both dynamic and relevant.


At Second Baptist, another way we describe what we want worship to be is by using the phrase worship arts. We believe that everyone has a gift that can be used in worship. We are all artists called to present a beautiful offering for God each Sunday (and every day). If you worship with us at Second, you'll see and hear variety: dramatic readings of scripture, extended moments of quiet reflection, thought provoking videos and dramas, as well as a variety of music that encourages you to lift your voice in song.


Most of all, we want worship to be about God, not us. That's hard in a world that teaches us to evaluate everything according to whether or not we're getting our desires met. So, it takes practice to accomplish, and it takes having others around you to remind you that worship isn't about you, it's about God. If you'd like to read more about how we're trying to live that out, you might want to take a look at the results of a year-long focus our congregation had on worship recently. You can see a copy of the report we committed to as a congregation here.

Raising Up a New Generation of Worshippers

One more thing that is important for us in worship at Second Baptist is teaching every generation in our church how to use their unique talents and gifts to praise God. Second Baptist Church has a highly developed approach to teaching children about worship. Learn more about how children learn to worship at our church.

That same philosophy goes for our teenagers as well. At Second Baptist, everyone in our student ministry can choose a different way to use their gifts to worship God. Learn more about the creative ways our students learn to worship at our church.