A Passion for Worship

Worship means a lot to our students. At Second Baptist our teenagers are among our most committed and passionate worshippers. One of the reasons for that is we're intentional about teaching students what worship is and involving them in making it happen. That’s part of our overall philosophy of Worship Arts. We’ve even put it in a mission statement. At Second Baptist, our goal is: to help each student discover, develop and use their God given talents in worship and in service to the Lord.

Worship Arts Electives

Every year our students can choose from a set of worship arts electives that are designed to help develop their giftedness. Then we find ways to use those gifts in worship. These offerings change from year to year based on who is involved in our student ministry, but in the past few years these electives have included:

Youth Band – Our student worship arts praise band learns popular Christian music, occasionally leads in worship and even composes their own music on occasion.

Art – Uur students produced drawings and paintings that helped us experience the worship theme “Mountaintop Spirituality” based on the Sermon on the Mount from the book of Matthew. Their art formed a worship gallery for people to see as they entered the worship center and also appeared in a multi-media presentation used during worship itself.

Drama – Over the past few years our students have produced or participated in a number of skits that help us understand the day’s theme in worship.

Dance – We have been very blessed to have a number of young people gifted in dance as a part of our student ministry in recent years, and they have produced several interpretive movements including one during this past year’s observance of Lent.

Choir – Choral singing is still an important part of worship at Second Baptist. We teach students to use their voices in praise to God.

Guitar – Many of our worship electives are for groups, but we also have offered individual instruction for students to enable them to pursue an interest in a particular instrument. Taking guitar is probably the most popular elective for individuals.

At the end of each school year, the students pull all their gifts together for a wonderful program. They take everything they have learned throughout the year and weave it together to tell a story of what God is doing in their lives. It is always amazing!

If you have any questions about Student Worship Arts, contact Logan Carpenter, our Minister to Families.